Why face cleaning is more important now

During Coronavirus times our face gets dirtier. I never really thought about that until I had a 14-day break from social media. Before COVID19 I never really washed or cleansed my face. 

But now that we’re forced to wear masks, I now wash my face every day. Underneath the mask that we wear to go out of the house, we sweat. When we sweat on our face it can produce acne. Acne for most is uncomfortable.

I have used the facial scrubs that I got for free at Melbourne Central during their treasure hunts and my skin is quite fine. One of them smells like bergamot which relaxes you.

You can buy various cleansers online, depending on what your skin type is. Sephora is a good place to start. They have a range of skincare. In Melbourne, we are under stage 4 restrictions which means that no skin or beauty place can open with the exception of Priceline (which is in fact a pharmacy)!

The supermarkets only have a very limited range of these cleansers and they might do more harm to your skin especially if you have really sensitive skin.

If you really want to be thrifty, you could use up all the ones that you have in the house first provided that it is usable

How to use a cleanser to clean your face

You need to have clean hands to do the job. 

First, get a facewasher and wet it. Then wipe it on your face to wet it. Then apply a tiny squirt of cleanser on your hand. Gently with your clean fingertip massage it around your face. Be careful not to put any in your eye. Then rinse it off.

And then put some moisturiser on your face


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