The word challenge

I got these set of inspirational cards from Weight Watchers at one of their meetings but hadn’t had a chance to try it out.

This is a great chance to lift yourself up from the drain of the news of the virus and lockdowns. The lockdowns are costing us a lot and mental health is one of those. Its important to stay strong throughout the pandemic. 

Each day you pick one card and you see the word and you think about that word or feeling. We then put it on Instagram and our thoughts on that word. When we did our pictures got 0-6 likes. 

For example today’s word is happiness. Now I can think about many things associated around that word. The sun keeps us happy. The case numbers keep going down and that keeps me happy.

Grateful was another one and I am grateful for the restrictions.

One of the words was Strength and I wondered if we would ever have strength to get through this lockdown and others. It is a long road to recovery from COVID19 pandemic and no amount of complaining will help us defeat this wave and other waves. It just takes time for the restrictions to be eased and we have to hang in there.

We need the energy to fight this Coronavirus pandemic and the mental health wave which is happening now. Guys please do the right thing and abide by the Government restrictions for a little while longer.

So play the word game with me and I hope your spirits will be lifted.


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