How to save your marriage in a pandemic

Men’s health wrote about this and the number one thing that is key is communication and understanding. We all have to make sacrifices here. 

A relationship is a two-way street. You give some and you take some.

Maybe there is a food shortage that is stressing you out. Or maybe one of you has lost a job.  If so talk about it.

We all have to live together in our own home and with each other 24/7. Of course, living together and being at each other’s throats will have some common arguments. Domestic violence has gone up in many parts of the world. As we get out of lockdown we will see more and more people getting divorced and some people speaking up about domestic violence that they experienced at home.

A few ways to save your marriage

  • Go out for runs and exercise together. You are allowed some time to go out together.
  • Be thankful you have each other and express your love for each other. It can be done in many ways such as having a romantic backyard candlelight dinner. You can even order the many food hampers from restaurants just for couples.
  • Don’t forget online connections. Don’t forget to talk to friends and family about how you are feeling. Remember we are all in this together.
  • Do give each other some breathing space.
  • Do communicate your needs and wants with your partner and respect their needs and wants too.

After the end of the lockdown and you have tried everything then of course just go for that divorce. Divorce usually ends up in heartbreak.

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