How COVID19 is changing the food market in Southeast Asia

Now that with people staying at home and not going out, the food scene has changed in Asia. People are opting for eating at home services and takeaways.

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Mintel says that more people are looking for immune-boosting foods as they are worried about their immune systems. More people are turning to health food stores. After the pandemic, we would see health stores bounce back fast and make a profit.

Online shopping is becoming the new normal and we will see that for some time. Online grocery shopping is the norm seeing as they have experienced a surge in online orders. RedMart in Singapore has experienced “Unprecedented demand” for food and other household items.

During the pandemic, many restaurants and cafes have lent a helping hand to those that are doing it tough by giving away free food.

Most people are eating at home and brands are conscious of that. Many brands are spreading the COVID 19 message about eating at home and safe practices. Brands such as Ensure and Knorr spread messages about being immune to protect yourself against this deadly virus. Consumers are being reminded about having adequate sleep.

What brands need to know

Even after this pandemic has passed brands need to practice strict hygiene and remind customers to do so. They also need to know that online shopping will be around for quite some time as customers have gotten used to the convenience of having everything home delivered. Home cooking will be the norm after the pandemic has passed

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