Dear Daniel Andrews

Dear Dan Andrews,

We are health bloggers who see about 10-30 visits a day all for mental health from this Coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are from Victoria. They beg for you to please ease the restrictions and consider opening up gyms and sports shops now that the case numbers are very low. These people need their social interactions. Or otherwise, we all die from suicide. And they also request that you lift the 5km rule.

I love how you have mentioned the fitted mask thingy but have you ever considered increasing the littering fine to at least $500? On my walks and runs around my suburb, I see at least 4-6 masks being left on the ground. Sometimes I nearly step on them and then there is a 50% chance of me and others getting the virus. This is partly why we haven’t seen much of a decrease in cases.

In Maribyrnong park, there are no police around to check to see if people are doing the right thing. This is infuriating for me and other people who do wear the masks and exercise within our 5km.

Also, the park always is very busy as everyone wants to get out of the house and is sick of the 5km restriction.

I really want to plead with you to open up our gyms and sports shops as we can do so in a safe manner. It’s great that you have personal trainers out there doing the boot camps and the pools open but its time. I have heard on social media as to how busy the pools are with all the bookings as many people are suffering from fatigue.

Please address these issues before things get worse,

Yours sincerely,

Healthyintstudents blog


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