Week 14 of frugal living

Last Sunday the State Government mentioned that fitted face masks will be compulsory. This is fine for me and a small win for businesses who makes these masks. If only the Government would let these businesses trade face to face then people can be properly fitted for masks. You cannot wear a face shield after this week. Some people got really angry about this online. Still I love to wear a mask for fashion and hiding cracked lips when I can’t be bothered with the lipgloss.

Today we ventured to Cheaper Buy Miles. It’s been weeks since we were both allowed out of the house to go shopping and I am really happy. We got these pork sausages and had them for dinner. And we liked them. We got some other things too like the protein bars and the like. They had 4 of these for $2.

Supported a local coffee place called Rose st Foodstore. Its been about 9 weeks since I last supported a new coffee place. I am happy that the exercise restriction is now for two hours. Now I get to support such local places. Before, it was just get the food and go straight home. During the really tough one hour, I don’t even get to chat with the manager about things.

And then on Friday, we both ventured out again to Highpoint. Here we bought a swiss sponge cake from Breadtop for $10.50. It was not great and not worth the money.

This week we had burritos for dinner and the Luv a Duck Red curry for dinner. We bought the packets previously and had to use them.

At Chemist warehouse they sold protein bars 2 for $6. This is not bad seeing as the Musashi Deluxe is normally $4. Yesterday I had a sausage sizzle for $2.50 at the Boathouse. Here they were trying to save hospo by holding these BBQ’s over the weekend. I like what they are doing to help pay the bills, not like some other food businesses who complain that they have no customers and no way to pay the bill.

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