September Mental Health project

People were really tired of the lockdown. Lockdown is driving everyone crazy and we tried to support as many businesses as we can that are doing it tough at the moment.

In the first two weeks of September, we were in 14 days of social isolation from social media. We had a lot of fun with this and in fact, it relieved us of burnout. I then stayed away from Twitter for most of the time. I also watched the Social Dilemma and loved it.

During that month, we had lots of different teas including ginger tea which calms and soothes you.

We continued with the cross stitch and we were kind to people as shown in our Self-care September. We also did Yoga with Adrienne.

On the 14th of September, restrictions were partly eased. We still can’t see family or friends yet and am waiting for that day to come. Most retail is not open yet but we can have two hours of exercise and that’s what keeps me happy. Now I can go over that one hour if I wanted to without getting into trouble.

In October we hope for more things like the gyms being reopened and for the number of mental health presentations to stabilize now that restrictions have eased a little bit. We enjoy going out for picnics and food truck food. During the lockdowns, we missed a lot of food truck food.

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