Self Care September

I got this idea from Helina’s homes which say that self-care is a must during the pandemic. Self-care means more time for you and doing stuff without your computer. It means doing crosstitch and taking weekly footbaths.

This challenge of ours went from the 1st to 30th of September

Why self-care matter?

Self-care matters as it is a way to distress and not take on too much. During the COVID19 pandemic, we are stressed about everything. Too much stress is not good for your mental health. Some people may have lost loved ones or their job due to COVID19. We are locked up so that means that we cannot do much with people but we can do things in nature and around the home. And we can also be kind to others. 

What about those people who complain about the lockdown rules?

Who cares? They have to realize it’s not all about them. Other countries are doing it a lot tougher than ours that’s for sure. Take for instance the UK and Iran. They have both entered the second wave and had to be put into lockdown again and they have a harsher lockdown. They are in a worse place then we are in.  We should really appreciate what we have and not complain so much on Twitter and Facebook

What we did during that time?

During that time we helped around the house. We also patted the dogs at the park when we walked. This really made people’s day. Patting other people’s dogs is good for their mental health and yours.

We also cleaned the deck, did weeding, and cleaned the outside garden. We enjoyed many runs around the river and within 5km of home. We practiced kindness towards everyone but we can’t say the same for those that abused us whilst running.

2 thoughts on “Self Care September

  1. I love this so so much! I love hearing someone else’s take on the Self Care September Challenge. Thank you for posting this. It’s such a shame that people were so rude while you were running. I love the practice kindness message, I had t shirts made up for my daughters and I that say “Be Kind Love Prevails”. 😊It is such a strong (and much needed) message in the world we live in today.

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