Red Cross’s go without challenge

I decided to take on this challenge because we take a lot for granted and during the virus people have had to sacrifice a lot especially losing their job. We wanted to test our patience and not live on luxury items if we can. It goes from the 21st to theĀ  27th of September. During this time we decided to give up on social media as this is what causes most people’s mental health problems. A bit of Youtube is ok.

We did well. We managed to stay off Twitter and Facebook and only go on Instagram to share business posts and to participate in the “Its time” campaign. We used that time to do some work on the blog.

It was hard having a cold shower as it was so cold in Melbourne. In Melbourne, one day was only 12C and we needed the heater. I can’t imagine the poor buggers who are homeless and were out on the streets pre COVID being really cold. One day we had to go without lighting and it was ok.

We used up most items in the pantry and had only $200 to spend. This is not enough for a homeless person to live on for the week if they had to pay for their hotel. Luckily the State Government pays for them to be there. I spent the $160 on food, Les Mills subscription, and the phone bill. The Internet was free and had been prepaid.

Guys if you can please donate to the many charities that are helping the homeless. They need your support more than ever. You can donate online. If you have any unwanted food in your pantry please donate them to a free community pantry in your 5km radius.


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