Melatonin is an essential hormone to regulate sleep and maintain the sleep-wake cycle. Your body makes this hormone. Sometimes we don’t get enough of this hormone for various reasons. So we have to get it in a supplement form. There two ways to get in: One is via a doctor’s prescription and the other is at a supplement store. We know that the supplement store ones are unregulated. This means that you may not get your money’s worth.

If you take too much melatonin supplement your body will depend on it more and more and there may be other side effects. The supplement is meant to be taken when you need to just like ibuprofen

What are some ways to increase melatonin?

  • Get enough vitamin D from sunlight and food
  • Stressless. In this day and age, we tend to stress more. Now with the Coronavirus going on its harder for most people to relax
  • Make sure that you keep regular hours of sleep each day. Sometimes that can be hard if you are a shift worker.
  • Don’t have too much caffeine, especially late in the day. If you are caffeine-addicted, its best to try and cut back if you can. You can try our 30-day challenge if you like.
  • Don’t try and do work on your laptop or your smartphone in the hour before bed. You could try and watch a little bit of TV to help you unwind.
  • If you do decide to take supplements do talk to your health professional first about taking them. They do make you drowsy so it is best to talk about the right dosage. Most professionals now offer telehealth service.

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