August Mental health project

We are still in lockdown and have been ever since March. But lockdown has gotten worse with the introduction of Stage four restrictions. That means not going more than 5km from your home, going out for an hour and limited social contact.

Exercise during this time was very rushed for me and I was always worried about coming back within the hour and not being fined. I did go a little bit over by say five minutes and it was only by accident.

During this time we worked on the cross-stitch to help us relax from all the coronavirus worries. During that month we got the highest number of Coronavirus cases and we did not relax knowing that the mental health impacts will be in sight. Already the amount of cases is increasing and that’s not good. In Britain alone, there will be 150000 deaths due to suicide. 

Most of these will be due to COVID19. By the end of this pandemic we predict that over 2 billion people will have some sort of mental illness.

By the end of the month there were many anti lockdown protests and people were just sick and tired of being in isolation. There were also many anti maskers. At that time we still had over 100 cases. People believed that there was no end in sight.

At the end of the month, we started our 14 day isolation from social media and we had a lot of fun from it.

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