Coronavirus and healthcare

As the number of cases soars in the US and the world, healthcare workers are catching the virus as they are the last line of defense. In Melbourne, the number of healthcare workers that are catching it is rising. Even if they have PPE there is still a bit of a shortage and there is a risk in catching the virus. Particularly in the high settings.

What should we do to protect them?

We should do everything we can to protect these workers by just doing your bit and not complaining.

A number of parties and celebrations are being held in the US. This is not the time for those. These people are being too selfish. We should just try and stay at home as much as possible and if we do have to go out we need to wear and physical distance from other people. This is how we will get to the other side of this.

Governments around the world need to contain this virus just as Melbourne has done which is to close everything up for a little while, pass the peak of the period and then slowly reopen the economy. People can learn to appreciate buying everything online and click and collect.

Countries now are just starting to implement the mask rule. But there are many antimaskers out there that don’t want to do just that. They will cause a protest about it. But many companies are adapting to this rule by making fashionable masks for people to wear that is comfortable.

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