Social media use during COVID19

We talk about this alarming statistic of people spending too much time on social media. On average people are spending more than 2 hours a day on social media.

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The usage of social media has gone up by about 50% on average during the pandemic with people staying at home. Smart Insights say that Facebook is the most popular one with 2063 million people using it in the month of July. Youtube too has been popular. The 25-34 year olds use Instagram the most.

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Our biggest concern is that people are spending way too much time on social media and brands target those on social media. As such in the Social Bakers report ads to spend a lot on Instagram and Facebook stories to target people into buying their product.

What are the effects of doing too much social media?

The effects of using too much social media are self-harm as seen in Social Dilemma.

I did the 14 day detox and it went all fine. People need to just back away from social media for a while and then they will realize that the world will not go away.

What do parents need to look out for in their kids now that they are home?

Most kids are doing homeschooling these days, so parents should monitor their progress at home. Parents should find out from kids about what they need to do for school work and when it is due.

Parents should look out for kids who are

  • Depressed
  • Spending more time on social media rather than their schoolwork
  • Anxious
  • Wanting to harm themselves
  • Withdrawn from the family dinner table. I.e checking their phone rather than eating dinner as a family. Dinner time is family time and this is the time where you should bond over food.

Parents should set boundaries with their kids on social media. They should also discuss some of the things that they watch on Youtube (note: Youtube is social media) and the things that they get up to on Facebook

On Facebook there are tools to help you control your child’s account. 

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