Benefits of growing your own produce

Talk Health talks about this idea of growing your own produce as a way to save money on buying vegetables and fruits and herbs. They say that growing your own fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrients and can save you a trip or two to the supermarket.

You have more access to more fruit and vegetables which everyone needs in a COVID safe environment

In the long run, they can save food miles and carbon footprint. Both of which are equally important for an ecological society. You don’t have to make as many trips to the supermarket. Most people drive to the supermarket and driving to the supermarket takes up a lot of your petrol. 

You can save money by buying your own produce. Plants cost anywhere between $5- $60 depending on what you buy. Your plants can offer you years of produce. 

Growing your own produce might help to get rid of any stress or anxiety that you might have. You have to maintain your garden each week and you have to water your plants each day.  You get to watch it grow. 

When you eat your own produce it is much tastier as it is fresher. This will encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables in your day. When I see them grow I want to eat them. The USDA says that less than half of Americans eat the recommended daily serves of vegetables and fruits each day. Most people don’t like the taste of vegetables as they are store bought. They are full of pesticides which doesn’t taste as nice.

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