Are corporations taking advantage of the poor people

Now that the Coronavirus has hit and people have lost their jobs we wonder if corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Coles, Woolworths are taking advantage of poor people.

Most people are on the US Food stamps program which is a government assistance program. It is like Centrelink in Australia. These companies have an online store where people can get their groceries delivered. But it is expensive and there is a delivery fee added to the total cost of groceries at the checkout. 

The US Food Stamps corporation has released this report about greedy corporations. Amazon and Walmart have online stores, the same way that Coles and Woolworths do. Food companies around the world benefit from these sorts of the program and therefore they drive prices up every year.

Every year many people are left without. Many of them do not have access to fresh food. I think what this Coronavirus recession has taught us is to drive fresh food prices down or make it free for people that cannot afford it. We have seen more and more people ask for food help online. America and Australia are both the same that their populations suffer from chronic diseases.

What we can do to help stop these greedy corporations from taking over

  • Donate to your local free pantry. Many of these people are struggling to get by and can do with some help.
  • Offer to buy the poor food if you have money and a car to deliver these items. With delivery, it’s recommended that you follow the Government guidelines with Coronavirus. Otherwise, you would get into trouble.
  • Write to your local MP about this issue
  • If you really feel passionate about this issue you could start a petition for cheaper groceries


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