Week 12 of frugal living

It is spring here in Melbourne and people are enjoying the extra hour outside. I enjoyed the extra hour outside running and exploring my area and find all the lovely bits that I missed during the tough Stage four lockdown. Regional Victoria is opening up and we hope that they make some money and set a fine example for us Melburnians.

We’re stuck here in lockdown and as of last Sunday I have been participating in a campaign called “Its time”. This is an Instagram campaign that allows us to protest to Daniel Andrews that it is time for all the restaurants, bars and cafes to open up for dining.

Also there have been quite a few protests. Whilst they weren’t in my suburb of Essendon, I felt very scared for the traders at Queen Victoria Market as well as the Shrine of Remembrance.

For lunch I had the leftover hummus with homegrown rocket and the like. I also had leftover cheese. Then for dinner I had wontons in soup. The next night we had the leftover wontons which are fried with fried rice made with the pork mince (we used the same leftover mixture from the wontons). We had so much leftover rice that we used it for fried rice.

And then with the leftover salmon we made a dip and we had it for lunch a few times this week.

And then on Sunday we had homemade bao which is awesome. We tried it with this curry sauce which is way too sweet for my liking.

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