7 hottest health trends of 2020

I got this idea from Harnaby Chiropractic and Wellness who says that the Coronavirus has changed some of our health and fitness trends. We have more stay at home orders which means that there are no more gym workouts.

Photo of Woman Doing Yoga

Stressless workouts

These workouts are more focussed on getting rid of stress rather than losing weight. Think Body Combat, MMA fighting, and boxing which are good for getting rid of stress

The Plantivore diet

More and more people want to go on a plant-based diet. We have talked about this before in What is going on in the plant-based world.

The Human Upgrade

Think Biohacking and genetics. People want to change their interior as well as their exterior. Biohacking is the way to go here. Biohacking is about optimizing one’s self to be able to have better mental and physical performance.

Natural remedies

People are looking for natural remedies to heal their problems and mental health. Think stress less essential oils and pillow oil. Jurilique has some great pillow oil and they are a luxury company that sells skincare.

Higher healing

In 2020 people have shifted to wellness. There are no more of these diet drinks and things of that nature. Think yoga and meditation which heals the mind.

Men’s and women’s health is what comes to mind here. Last year there was a bit of a focus on that. There still is but not as much now that we are all home and trying not to stress as much.

Connective clothing

Last year Apple had released their SMART watch. This year more companies are revolutionizing their clothing which then becomes more intelligent.

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