What is your writing process like?

I got the idea for this article from Mental Health at Home who says that we should be writing most days to combat COVID madness.

Where I write?

I write in my study where it is nice and cozy and a good place for me to work. I write on my laptop as that is easier to type and write fast. Grammarly helps with spelling errors and the like.

Do I write drafts on the go?

Yes absolutely. I write when ideas come to me from research and doing things. And then I spend a few days going over it and making sure that everything is fine before publishing it.

How often do I write?

I write mostly every day when I can. Sometimes the articles depend on the demand for information and mental health things. Right now I’m trying to adapt my blog to the COVID times. I know that there have been many deaths and infections all over the world particularly in the States.

Mental health is one of the biggest topics right now and I’m trying to find out lots about it. I signed up to the Global Wellness Institute a little while back and they send out stuff to my inbox about the latest trends.

When do I publish?

I publish when I can. There are no set timelines as to when I publish. You have to remember that COVID is an unprecedented time. We don’t know what will happen the next day or the day after or what the demand will be.

Over to you, when do you write and publish?

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