What else is happening in the plant based world

We talk about this issue as World Vegetarian day is on the 1st of October and now is a good time to consider going vegetarian.

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Now that the meat industry is struggling, the plant based fake meat products have really picked up their sales. Food politics ahs reported an increase in some of their sales. They reported a huge increase in April in the US when the pandemic was at its highest there. Now that its Melbourne and the abbattoirs are now operating at 60-80% capacity would we see more plant based foods in the supermarket?

There has been some talk about going on a plant-based diet for a while. First of all, it was from the Truth about Weight Loss summit with Chef AJ last year, and then it was reinforced when I watched “Diet Fiction” which is on Amazon Prime (note new users will get 30 days free trial). Diet Fiction talks about being 90% whole food plant-based diet and 10% cheat foods. Too many Americans and Australians are eating too much meat and protein which is not good for you. Meat such as steak has a lot of saturated fat in there which is not good for the waistline and the kidneys

Freely says that about 375 million people worldwide have been vegetarian. But if we encourage more people to go vegetarian the number could be about double that in 2025.

Meat free Mondays has been going on for some time and its really popular. People post a lot of photos on Instagram and they get a lot of likes. Instagram is going crazy over Meat free Mondays. The hashtag #meatfreemondays has over 266K posts as people are more serious about being healthier.

We really should be trying to go for a wholefood diet that is full of vegetables and nuts and legumes. We should have a few Meat-free dishes during the week

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