Week one of Online trainer

So I signed up for Jon’s online trainer for free for the first month. If I spend 1 week per module I’d only have to pay the $87USD. This is not bad for the course the earns CEC’s at the end (I think from memory it’s about 10 CECs from Fitness Australia)! At the end of the course there is one exam that you must take in order to graduate.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

In this first module he talks about Facebook and setting your own home page. He also talks about evaluating your worth. Its important to do this now in Module 1. My worth post Covid would be about $20000 per year as not many people would want to buy personal training due to lost jobs. This is the money that I would need to gain my freedom and pay my bills. My bills would be rent, food, supplements, gym memberships, some clothing etc.

When would I post? At night as many people now work from home. They also say that people should post health and fitness tips. I do that but I also love to support small businesses. I also would post things about mental health and sleep and the like.

What makes me exceptional? I love to talk about other things as well as fitness. Things such as health and wellbeing and mental health.

This week was just the beginning of what’s to come.

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