Stress Management post COVID19

During COVID19 all of our arrangements have changed and people are working from home. Here the dynamics of working at home have changed due to people having families with kids. Their kids have to go to home school.

But then post COVID lockdowns people would be starting to go back to the office.

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I listened to this podcast which popped up on my feed.

So we need to find ways of connecting with the employees and working at home. Employers need to be more flexible and its now the norm. They need to forget that they are on camera.

You need to trust people and you need to manage your business by results. By that I mean that you have to define outcomes. You shouldn’t really care too much if you are getting the results from your employees. You need to be able to manage people and you need to communicate. You shouldn’t worry too much about employee productivity. You need to get your team on board with your strategy which will always change depending on what is going on with COVID. We cannot plan too much ahead. You should plan some small goals and then go from there.

You need to work out which things you do well and which you don’t. And then you can work out the time and you need to get some exercise. You don’t need to have too much ZOOM meetings all the time but you do need to meet them once a week. Time is not relevant but you do need to know how your employees are feeling. Your behaviour needs to be good in order for employees to be good and treat the company well.

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