10 wellness tips to help you with working from home

Here are 10 wellness tips to help you with working from home.

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Schedule your workouts depending what you time you work best.

For some people that would be in the afternoon and for others it would be in the morning.

Support small businesses

This could be when you’re out (for the four reasons- exercise, study or work, medical and caregiving and buying food) or online. It could be that takeaway coffee or pastry or some local handmade thing.

Instead of the supermarket why not give a local greengroccer and the butcher a go?

Get up every hour from your desk and go for a stretch

This is a good idea for you to go and make that cup of tea or do some housework chores. Something to break up your working day. We did this in the city so why not bring the same things home?

Aim to have the same amount of protein at home as you do in your normal working day

Hence this will make the transition smoother from working in the office and at home to vice versa. So if you are used to having a lot of protein and snacks keep to that

The push-up challenge

We did this in May and found it very useful. Here you did 250 push-ups a day for three weeks. It was awesome and a good way to beat mental health.

Keep to the same working hours if you can

This is a good idea for everyone and it keeps everyone sane. If you go all different hours it’s hard to keep up with your work as everyone is always distracting you. Thus your colleagues and clients will know when you can meet them.

Pace yourself

Do one hour of work and then take a break. You need breaks throughout the day to keep you focused at home.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Just because you’re at home working does not mean that you can forget to hydrate. When you have your breaks go up and get that glass of water or tea.

Sleep properly

Make sure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night

Dress in your work gear

For some people that might be very casual gear depending on the type of work that you do. Obviously don’t work in your PJ’s as your body will think that its sleep time and not work time. If you work in office wear, wear that and your body will think that its going to work.

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