The future of work post Covid

The future of work will be very different for the foreseeable fututre

According to Peakon, employee engagement is important and they must not be disengaged. Workers’ responsiveness is important and the surveys are important. Higher engagement is important for getting the best outcomes of your business. Unhappy employees will resign from that company.

People’s expectation is always changing in unprecedented times. as they are adjusting to working from home. They need to feel that their voices can be heard. We need to listen more to employees. One way of this is by giving them surveys to do and rewarding them such as a prize draw.

Peakon can help companies predict engagement and attrition nine months before. We need to reduce attrition within the companies in order to gain the best possible outcome. High turnover is not a great idea as it results to lost productivity, time and costs with hiring a new person.

Analytics is the future of work. Having data from employee surveys is important as it will lead to a much better outcome which will lead to less turnover. We need to understand the data to drive meaningful change within an organization. Employee experience is important.

Driving meaningful change is important for managers. It helps to take the pressure of HR. Management needs to drive the business forward. They should be proactive and don’t be afraid to be wrong. They need to understand correlation and data.

With these in mind, it may not be long before the company is up and running at full speed with a COVID safe plan. In the long run, that company would earn some profits post COVID! If they listen to their people and keep them happy, they will want to stay. Happier employees equate to more productivity!

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