Bright Virtual Running festival

Normally this race is held in Bright Melbourne and it attracts many trail runners.

Due to the Coronavirus the Bright running festival race has gone virutal. And due to Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne they have panned it out over two weeks (100km in 10 days given that a person can only do a maximum of 10km in one hour). There are other races like the 50km and the 25km. I picked the 25km knowing that that’s what I can do given that I trained for that distance pre stage 4.

It costs $20 to enter and like other virtual races you can do this anywhere.

On Day One I ran up some hills and explored a new area known as the Afton st park. It was fun but a hard climb. Once the restrictions are eased I’d like to try for a longer run.

Day two saw me run to Lincoln park and back. It was a lovely 20C day and there were quite a few people around.

Day 3 saw me do a run around the park and up on Maribynong road and Mt Alexander Road. My fellow runners have said that the road was quite good. This road did not disappoint as it had a few walkers and runners there.

Day four saw me do another postcode run around Moonee Ponds with a very short stop in Ascot Vale at the Happy Groccer. I love to support small business as this time they are losing a lot of money due to COVID. If they lose too much money they cannot survive. They need customers to survive.

It was so much fun and I’d do it again

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