The social dilemma

The Social Dilemma is on Netflix and it is a compelling documentary about social media and its deep dark secrets

How much is social media wrecking our lives? Google and Facebook have few people but yet they bring in billions! They sell their user’s info. Advertisers pay for the products u use. And they are competing for your attention. How much time can they get you to spend? AI has been discussed here as well as the algorithm and your goals are different than the advertisers.

False information makes the company money. Facebook has trillion of this misinformation online. There are a lot of conspiracy theorists online

Resurrection is talked about here.

They talk about how the mind works. The psychology of how people think and how to make technology persuasive. And how to make people use the product. An unconscious habit. Eg the slaw machine in the casino.

Prototyping eg your friend tagged you in a photo. When you tag people in photos it generates advertising and hacking activity on Facebook. People can hack into your account. All these strangers are recommended by Facebook to be your friend. This is why it’s important to ask your friend’s permission before you tag them. If they tagged you, you can always remove the tag.

Emojis are another way to growth hacking. Get people to get more friends in as many days

Manipulation is another way of getting users to look at ads and respond

Vulnerability is exploited here. We cant tell whats true and what’s not. Addiction is important here. People are addicted to these things. I couldn’t get off my phone. A lot of people fall prey to these things and dings. I’m addicted to Instagram and before the 14-day iso, I used to do it a lot. I used to be addicted to it a lot

Social media is a drug. We can talk about dopamine here. It takes away a kid’s self-worth and identity. We were not evolved around what 10000 people think. It is a fake popularity. It forces you to think that I need it back. We cant eat at the dinner table without it

There has been a lot of depression and anxiety for teen girls and suicide.

We need to learn how to live with these devices. The son went without technology for a week. On the third day, he looked at the phone and released he’s being scammed. He takes it back to bed as the information algorithm. We went without it for 14 days

Politics is talked about here and discourse happens. The boy went to a protest and goes to a protest

We need regulation and law to protect everyone on social media. The companies can sell stuff but human rights need to be looked after

We can change the way these products are designed and how we make the world better. How can we make it better? The way social media is designed is not going in a flash. But we can learn to live with it. And we can learn not to be on it all the time.

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