Yoga with Adriene

Ever since Melbourne introduced Stage Four Lockdowns and whole lot more panic, I have been doing some yoga with Adrienne to help relax me. In these unprecedented times we need to do a bit of yoga most days. Yoga is a good way to unwind and not think about the high numbers.

This channel is on Youtube and she explains things so easily. She also does have her own website and here you can purchase a membership from her. Membership is about $10 a month USD and yearly is $99 USD.

ISha Australia said that Yoga is good for mental health. Recently I attended a conference by the Brahms centre in Singapore and they said the same thing but we need kindness in our lives as well as mindfulness.

At the end of her sessions, I felt relaxed. Occasionally there were some really hard ones but I did not mind doing those. Adrienne explains all the steps really well and we can follow along with her. Her sessions go for about 20-30 mins online. We learned to do a downward-facing dog plus other poses that really stretch the legs and the back. This is so important when we work at home. When we work at home we sit all the time in a stiff and upright way.

All you need is a yoga mat and you can buy them from KMART and all good sports stores online. In Victoria we cannot go to the physical store due to stage 4 restrictions but you can click and collect

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