balancing social media and Covid19 life

We got the idea from Creative Impact Group. They are based in the UK where they are going through a massive second wave. Whilst other places in Australia are starting to open up and Melbourne is not (in fact we are in Stage four lockdown). We wonder how people adapt to the social media posts about how lovely life is on the outside of Melbourne.

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There is a report by the UK government on Mental health which was published in 2018 that is useful for COVID19. They say that too much time on it can lead to cyber bullying and depression, even suicide.

We know that seeing posts about Sydney and other happy places without the masks can be quite damaging to people’s mental health. I know we all like to be there one day but we just can’t. We feel envy of those in Sydney posting their lovely life. We can’t stop them from doing that.

One way to do this is just to ignore them and only post things about Melbourne and stay at home which is what we do.

We did the 14 day challenge.

At first, it was really hard to ignore all those texts and notifications from Facebook. But in the end, it was worth it. My flatmate took my laptop for the two weeks to see how far I would go. For the project, I used an old camera phone to take photos as the current one was also taken from me. During that time we learned that it is ok not to be on social media all the time.

Before the challenge I used to go on there quite a lot and I used to be really obsessed with those anti maskers tweets and Instagram. Now we feel much more liberated and at ease. We can be kinder to people now. In today’s world too many people look down at their phones and not where they are going. They are not there in the present moment.

Before the challenge I used to play Mahjong solitare quite a lot and listened to the premiers press conference every day. But now I am glad that I am rid of those things. Those things were a time waster and compulsion of mine.

At the end of the project I lost some followers but gained some knowledge and am able to be kinder to people.

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