The future of our cities post COVID

What would our cities look like post COVID? We talk about it here with many of them looking like a ghost town now due to the restrictions!

There would be some redesign of the buildings, particularly in office towers to make sure that everyone stays 1.5 meters apart. The buildings would need to be environmentally friendly as everyone is conscious about the environment. We would also see more people in cars due to the coronavirus concerns on public transport or better yet: walking or riding a bike to work.

city buildings with lights
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We would also see some people being redeployed or moving to the country side where they need workers. Things most in need are doctors, nurses and tradies. They also would need some people to work in the factories since many people died during COVID.

The restaurant scene will have changed a lot. There will be a lot more outside dining as many people have to stay 1.5 meters from each other. Also some of the city streets will be closed off to cars due to the need to make more space for tables. Some restaurants and cafes will have closed for good. NPR talks about the struggles that many businesses will have after the pandemic.

There will be many people forced to live on welfare and so after the pandemic many food banks will struggle to survive. The Guardian supports this argument by saying that many city dwellers will be more vulnerable. The Toronto mentions that Coronavirus has brought out the inequality issue and we will see more of this in the coming months and years.

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