How not to drive each other mad

In these crazy times we all at each other’s back for 24/7 due to strict lockdowns and curfews. Most of us are living in the family home. So here’s some ways not to drive each mad.

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Practice patience with other people

We all are going through the same thing and so its ok to not be ok. Its also ok to be left alone.

Don’t get mad if the other person doesn’t do what you want them to do.

Again this ties in with practicing patience. Maybe they might have their own reason for it and that’s cool

Have a family meeting and talk about what you expect from each other.

From there you can set up some boundaries in which we need to live by to get along. Make sure that you agree on what things need to be done and when they can be done each week. You should work out who is doing what too. If you work from home let your family members know which days and times so that they don’t disturb you.

Tell your family how you feel when they do certain things especially the things that you don’t like. Its ok to voice your opinion. Some may not take it too well but its ok.

Routine is crucial to not going with bonkers with each other.

As soon as we don’t do the routine for a few days then we can start to get really mad for no reason. Don’t forget to schedule a time for work, play, exercise, household chores, eating and sleeping.

Stay connected to the people from the outside world.

Technology is our friend here. Here you can use Whatsapp, Facebook etc to connect. But don’t spend too long on social media as that will just drive you bonkers.

Spend some time together if you can

Sometimes you can’t because of the restrictions ie going out for a walk. But if you can maybe watch a movie together or bake together? Or why not have a games night?

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