Coronavirus and debt worries

Now that we are six months into the pandemic and Melbourne is in Stage four lockdown and Regional Victoria is in Stage 3 lockdown people are starting to worry more about being in debt. We get the Jobkeeper/government stimulus but not all people get this.

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Businesses are worrying about the debt with the stating that many Americans are in limbo about whether or not they can repay that debt. People are constantly stressed about how much debt they owe to the banks due to the lockdowns. As such people will turn to loan sharks to help them repay their debt. I once had that experience of such things and they will never leave you alone.

What would be good is for:

  • All debt companies to leave us alone
  • All phone and internet companies to have reduced rates for usage- now that we are at home more often and using Internet a lot more.
  • All people to get this sort of payment. We know that many more people will join the on dole queue now that more retail businesses will close.

What we could do to help those that are struggling:

  • If its a business support them by buying something that you need. Whilst you’re at it instead of visiting the big supermarket chains why not visit a local grocery store instead?
  • Leave a nice review of them online
  • If its a person that is struggling, offer to help them out if you can. It could be with food or a care package.

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