Working to improve a better tommorow

How can gyms work to improve a for a better tomorrow? Now that we are in the Coronavirus times, gyms as well as other health companies need to bounce back from this in order to make a profit in time for the New Year. We are now in September

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Some questions you need to ask yourself as a manager:

  • How well are my projects going? Are there some that are out of date?
  • How well are my group fitness classes going? Are a lot of members turning up for these? Would online classes work much better for members? Which classes need to be taken off the schedules at my gym?
  • How are my employees feeling about coming back? Would they want to keep working from home and working with clients remotely? Are there some courses that your employees can take to better their knowledge?
  • How much can members pay for gym memberships now that most people would have lost their jobs and some of their income?
  • Would I be able to get some sort of sponsorship from a big brand company who has the money and who is willing to pay for advertisement of their products?

Some tips from

  1. “Commit to monthly reviews of every plan and their outcomes
  2. Revise or remove what does not prove worthy of time or investment
  3. Remove activities that you no longer find motivating
  4. Be thankful for employees and show appreciation whenever possible
  5. Implement new ideas with checkpoints in place
  6. Regularly review goals and outcomes for improvements
  7. Pick up enthusiasm by adding your dream activity into your actions
  8. Collaborate with those who think similarly
  9. Review that all streams of business will work harmoniously
  10. Celebrate Success!”

Hopefully these tips will help you bounce back stronger than ever.

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