Deep nutrition book

I got this book a little while ago and I thought to read it during iso. I got it online at but you can find it in all major book stores. Here they talk about different aspects of nutrition and they say you are what you eat. If you eat a healthy diet full of proteins, good fats, and carbs then your skin will look healthy and you will feel beautiful. The book is philosophical.

In the COVID world, we’d pick healthier foods because we are home more often. They talk about sugar being the enemy. As in the added sugars being the enemy. The added sugar in soft drinks is the worst nightmare. I got a soft drink from Poyntons thinking that it would be sugar-free but it’s not. They talk about having kombucha instead of soda as kombucha helps with gut health. They tell us to drink 64 ounces of water (roughly eight to ten glasses) but most people don’t drink that much.

The book is about being young and drink the bone broth as collagen. In the first part of the book, they talked about what their ancestors ate. They mention that what we eat matters. They have a lot of sensible ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and talk about including protein and fats. The book says don’t snack but I disagree. You can find lots of healthy snacks in fruits, milk and vegetables. 60-85% of your calories should be some good fats like olive oil and nuts.

The book focuses on being healthy and in a COVID world, this is what we all need to do to survive the pandemic. Our immune system will thank us for this and in today’s world immunity is key. Therefore we need to eat enough fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. We need to transition to a wholesome way of living and that includes eating more wholefoods. The big hurdle for most people is getting rid of that sweet tooth. Thus this is why we have Sugar free September.

We should be having more fermented foods in our diet and now that we are home a lot why not make your own such as making your own kimchi and consuming kefir.

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