Our August Stats

Our August has been okay. In Victoria, we are in Stage four which means no going out of the house except for essential reasons. That month we only had 282 visitors on our site. 111 people were from the United States of America where they had a lot of cases.

This month we wrote quite a few articles on mental health and we’ll have plenty more to say come September. September is women’s health month and stress less month, so there will be lots to come then.

On Instagram we got about 20 new followers. Most of these people were just as bored of the lockdowns as we were. Before the 14 day reset we were posing on average 10 photos in a day. Some of them were reposted from other people as we wanted to support them. The Remedy and Eimiele video had 38 views. I think people were wanting to be healthier at home as Les Mills Body combat video got 31 views. Another two of my Les Mills body combat got 20 and 27 views. Yoga with Adrienne got 16 views.

The pizza post got 18 likes and the cheese post got 13 likes. The cake one got 17 likes. The picture of Flinders st station got 15 likes. Karen the witch got 31 views. I think people are sick of being in lockdown. This view is supported by the 112 views that the police video got. That one was reposted from some activist before my 14 day reset.

On Twitter it got quite heated between me and the anti maskers before the 14 day reset and get rid of social media addictions. After that it might not have gotten that bad.

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