Week 10 of frugal living

This week I have been taking it on the low with the Internet and social media and its working in my favour. Here I’ve really tried to be kind to people. Being on social media and venting about things too much just adds to my stress.

Here there was sale at Chemist warehouse where I got a protein bar and twelve sachets of tea (one I had already) for $15.30. Normally it would be $16.50. This was a three day sale.

We had Chicken roulade which was homemade with our homegrown warrigal greens and rocket. We kept on eating all the apples and mandarins. And then we used up the leftover roulade in a sandwich and we still have some left. One day we had stir fry noodles with kimchi cabbage and pork. The kimchi cabbage was made at home by my flatmate.

This week is not looking so good for our economic forecast with more job losses on the way and Melbourne set to be in Stage four for two more weeks after next week. Hence there will be more stress to come so now is a good time to be on holiday.

On Sunday the Premier announced that there would be no opening of retail until sometime in October. This will be hard for smaller businesses in particular who have no one to turn to for finances. The bigger franchises have head office and stores in other states that can help these struggling businesses. In the meantime we plan to do all we can to help them get out of this hell hole.

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