How can clothing brands and small business earn more money

Melbourne is in a stage four lockdown with many clothing shops being shut for months on end. Many of them had to pivot to click and collect. It got me thinking about ways that clothing brands and small businesses can make more money.

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Make some fabric masks

Mask wearing will be around for quite some time. Businesses could make some unique masks to wear. Fashionable masks are in. Here is a guide on how to do it.

Its all about the customer experience

Now is a good time to think about what sets you apart from the others. Sales Benchmark Index talks about creating an experience for customers that is enticing. That needs to be online for now. Now that could be an online chat room where customers can ask about the product. Or that could be engaging with customers on Instagram.

Make How to videos on YouTube

This could be how to mend your own clothes. If people watch it then you might get a bit of money. When people subscribe and click on your videos you might get a little bit of money.

But the most important thing is for customers to come once your shop is open.

Make candles

People always want candles and the like. There’s lots of videos on Youtube about making candles.

Sell your stuff at small weekend markets

If you’re allowed to you could have a really small stall (depends on Government regulations). Small stalls can range from $50-$400 depending on which market you sell at. You usually have to apply for a stall and then people would come to it.

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