Covid19 and domestic violence

The number of domestic violence is on the rise since people have been adhering to the stay at home orders. Survivors are being forced to stay at home with domestic abusers. WebMD says that there is a significant jump in the increase in domestic violence in America. Its been the same in Australia. RACGP says that there has been a 26% increase in calls to Men’s helpline and an 11% increase in calls to 1800 Respect. There was a 75% increase in searches on mental health support services online at Governments around the world have increased their funding for mental health, but not much else is allowed whilst they tackle this COVID crisis.

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The Age also reported an increase where women where forced to stay with them and some of the perpetrators looked through the phones and other things. More victims are now coming forward after the lockdowns are eased.

Our recommendations to the Government

  • To have gyms open so that people can vent their frustrations with staying at home
  • The current Stage 4 exercise lockdowns aren’t enough- we can’t do a lot in one hour and for some people it means more violence
  • To let people see an agreed family member that doesn’t live them- like New Zealand, it should be some sort of a bubble.

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