5 industries that will bounce back and thrive after COVID19

Here are some industries that will thrive after COVID 19. This might be a year or two after the pandemic has ended.

evergreen tree on slope in highlands
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Health and wellness services

Whilst the physcial stores were closed the online space started thriving. People needed more mental health and wellness. ALso the exercise sector online really boomed. Yoga and meditation really started to take off

IT services

With more and more people working from home they too had a massive boost


The Active wear and facemasks retail sector will become more popular as face mask wearing is becoming more common in the world. People will have become more used to and comfortable with working in active wear.

As gyms have closed the spike in home gym gear has meant that this part of the retail sector is doing really well. More people have taken to running and biking outdoors which would see a huge increase in bike sales.

As people get comfortable with working from home the suit and fancy clothes industry will see huge drop. Luxury goods will also suffer due to the fact that people would not be able to afford them. Electrical goods will suffer due to the fact that they would be unaffordable for many. Many people would do without the expensive television or the really fancy fridge

Social services

As people lose their jobs and the cost of living becomes unaffordable for many, social services will see a huge demand for service. They already have seen a huge surge in the past few weeks here in Melbourne.

Home improvement/ DIY

This retail industry has seen a huge demand in the past few weeks. It includes your plants, crafts and other home improvement projects. The demand in materials has also spiked as people make their own masks at home and fix up other things other around the house. The demand for paint, wood and electrical goods such as saws and sewing machines has also increased.

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