How to start being a vegetarian

Now that the meat supply is short due to the virus, it is a great time to think about going vegetarian.

Some benefits of going vegetarian are losing weight, being healthier and cleaner and saving the planet.

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So what can vegetarians eat?

Going vegetarian is a plant-based diet. They can eat most foods except for fish, seafood, and meat. They can eat whey products and eggs. We can still eat tofu and dairy products such as milk. But if you want to go all vegan then you can’t have diary. Vegans normally get their calcium from nuts.

Some problems if you’re vegetarian

Lack of B12. This vitamin is found in meat. There is a supplement for that if you need it.

Lack of iron for runners which might mean anemia

But it can be substituted for iron tablets which may be recommended by your healthcare professional. Don’t take more than the recommended dose as you might have liver and kidney problems later.

How to start?

Start off by going slowly if you are a heavy meat eater. Do try a few meals each week that are vegetarian and build up from there. There is some great inspiration online and there are many vegetarian blogs. Just do a search online at

You may not like it at first but you’ll get used to it. Just give it time and commitment. Going vegetarian doesn’t mean that you miss all of your vitamins and minerals. If you plan it properly you can enjoy a vegetarian diet with all the benefits. You may need to see a nutritionist which can help you out with going on the diet.

Just becasuse its not meat doesn’t mean that its all good. You still have to drink water and try not to have too much of the processed stuff.

Some of the vegetarian stuff has quite a few calories.

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