6 reasons as to why you are experiencing food cravings

Nutrition Stripped wrote about this topic and I wanted to talk about it too now that we are in the Coronavirus pandemic and people are putting on weight.

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One mistake is that people are confusing being hungry with being thirsty. We should be drinking about 3-4L of water each day but not many people do this. Our bodies are made up of 60% of water and we cannot function properly without water.

Lack of nutrients

During isolation, many people are turning to bake, so they may not be getting enough nutrients they need. WHilst home baking is good we need to have other nutrients such as vegetables and fruits.

Too many food rules

In today’s society there are too many food rules and these are promoted on Instagram. As such after that period of restricted eating people go aon a binge

Stress and Anxiety

During Isolation we are forced to stay at home. Therefore there is more stress and anxiety in the household and that can force us to comfort eat. When we are stressed we turn to junk food and emotionally eat

Lack of sleep

The lack of sleep can casue you to have food cravings, however minor they are. The more hours you sleep the better your food cravings will be. During the pandemic a lot of you may not have slept really well

Old Habits

When you were growing up what did you eat? Did your parents give you ready made meals for dinner? Or did they give you good food. Some of these habits can be why we have cravings now for them

And how to get rid of these cravings

  • Sleep well. We need about 7- 8 hours of sleep per night . If you sleep well, you feel much better the next day
  • Stress less. We do a lot of meditation and yoga during the week as well stress busting exercise.
  • Don’t restrict yourself. Do have some cheat days where you can enjoy some treats. Also do make sure that you get enough nutrients from the five food groups. We should be having fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, pulses, legumes and other proteins.
  • Get rid of old habits. Now is a good time to reevaluate yourself and reinvent the wheel with food.
  • Keep a journal about how you are feeling around food. This will help you understand why you crave certain things.

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