5 stay at home ideas

We are all in lockdown and will be for some time. Even when we do get out of lockdown there will be some restrictions.

So how do you make the most of lockdown? For when you are by yourself and that are not Netflix!

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  1. Do a cross-stitch- pick a good one that is big and long like a tablecloth to do as that will take up a bit of time.
  2. Fix up your garden. If you have a tree prune the branches. Fixing up your garden will take some time not to mention getting rid of the stress
  3. Host a dinner catch up online- you can do this by zoom or Facebook Messenger. Many fine dining places and bars now host their own virtual meet ups over wine. Whilst its not free its a good way to let your hair down and see the outside world. What’s more they will send you all the ingredients and wine that you’ll need and then you can cook up a storm.
  4. Join a virtual exercise class- Les Mills have some awesome ones and if your gym is shut they will have some online classes for you to join. Sometimes they might a charge a fee to cover the instructor costs but for most their members its is free.
  5. Read a good book. The longer it is, the more time consuming it would be and it would take your mind off the pandemic. But make sure that you like the book. And you can read it on Kindle.

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