Time management

We write about time management as that is important for our mental health and sanity. Most countries are now in their second wave which means that working from home is a must for most people.

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There is never enough time to do everything in a day. Time does go by really fast. And now that we are working from home it’s important to work out the time for you to do your work as well as family obligations. Make sure that family obligations don’t eat into your working time. Don’t forget to factor in exercise each day.

It’s important to stick to deadlines even if you are home. Most people will have a Google calendar in their iDrive that they can use to schedule when tasks are due. Stress is not good for the body. You do not sleep well and eat well when things are due. If work has set you big tasks, break the task down into smaller chunks and do it like that so it does not overwhelm you. When I was doing my research project in my Uni years I did not break that task down and it really overwhelmed me. As such, I failed to finish on time

Make sure you set a time to do work from home and stick to it. Don’t go and play games during this time. Every week we set tasks that have to be done by the end of the week (i.e by Sunday).

If you are really bad at time management and suck at it you can download a few apps to help you with time. Google calendar is just one of them. Don’t forget to take a break from your tasks or otherwise, you will just go mental and you will get overwhelmed.

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