Some simple ways to encourage self love each day

I got this idea from Creative Impact Co who says that we should love ourselves. We are in this stage of the pandemic where a little bit of self-love is encouraged. Now that we are working from home we have more time on our hands to have a gentle morning routine.

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I’m not normally a early morning riser so I would get up around 8:30am-9am and then I would have a slow breakfast and scroll through my emails. I get dressed and then do embrodery or other things around the house.

Being happy and positive all the time has wonderful effects on your mental health and we all need that during this time. It can be draining to hear how many people died due to COVID. We should get rid of all that negativity and focus on what we need to do get over COVID.

We should spend some time in the day reflecting on what went well and what didn’t. I usually do this when I go for my walk or my runs.

Most days I don’t care what I eat, I’m just happy I eat everything. Some weeks I might have a few days of chocolate or feeling like high-fat food but that’s ok.

I have also been doing some yoga and meditation. They help with that self-love and positive vibes. There are many yoga videos online. All you need is a yoga mat which you can buy online

Guys learn to love yourself. There is only one you and you live with that person for the rest of your life.

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