Eating Well’s 30 day Real food challenge

We took on this 30 day Real food eating challenge for a bit of fun and learn more about real food.

It was fun to do. We ate lots and lots of mandarins that were from our mandarin tree as well as lots of real food. It was a good chance to support small businesses going through this rough time. We made friends with a few organic places that were close to home and within our 5km radius.

I think we’ll continue going to them even after this challenge is over.

We are allowed to have whole food and minimally processed food. This means no added sugar and fruit is ok. This challenge could not have come at a better time as abattoirs and factories are struggling with the demand due to Coronavirus. We can have milk and dairy and homemade goodies such as our homemade biscuits and bread.

We also tried homemade Choko soup and vegetarian burritos. A few days we had a salad for lunch and I enjoyed my Bondi vegan protein.

In the days that we did the challenge, we felt a lot cleaner and more energetic. We also didn’t feel the stress and didn’t put on the weight that many people do during isolation from all the isolation eating.

Guys this challenge is a good isolation challenge for you to do

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