First day of period and no sleep

This is a women’s only issue but do feel free to read on if you want to.

I often have this symptom for no reason whatsoever other than to say that my period is heavy. Its really quite heavy on my first day and then lighter after that. I bleed lots during the night.

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This is not an unusual problem and you are not alone in this. The first day of the menstrual cycle is usually the heaviest. This is where a lot of bleeding and cramping and nausea happens as well as messing up the bed with blood.

The Sleep Foundation reports that many women don’t sleep well in the days leading up to their period. The body’s temperature rises at this time and a lot of women may experience anxiety. Prevention says that hormone levels change all the time as estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate all the time.

Period related mood swings are also normal. It could be one of the reasons that you can’t fall asleep at night. Here you should try meditation and yoga. You could also try ditching that afternoon coffee.

But if after you have tried everything and you still can’t sleep at night you should probably go and see your doctor! They can probably recommend some other treatments for you to try.

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