Covid19 and how healthcare can offer more free care for those on low incomes

Now that Covid 19 has hit and has hit us hard its time to think about how healthcare can offer more free services for all. Many people will need more mental health services. Under Medicare its about 10 mental health sessions in a year that are free.

We have seen that the COVID affects everyone but it affects the most vulnerable of people the hardest. With high numbers of COVID cases in the US and in Melbourne Victoria it is time for governments to build a healthcare system that is good but low cost to the community.

What could be included in the free care sessions?

  • Free gym sessions- they could have about 10 free classes per year at a franchise gym
  • About 20 mental health sessions per year with a mental health professional
  • A free tour of the supermarket. This could showcase where all the healthy produce are and how to ignore the junk food aisles
  • Free or cheap online access to a gym that you do in your own home. A volunteer could run these provided that they know how
  • Free yoga sessions that can be done at home
  • Free health information sessions. These could be on a wide variety of things such as cooking or sleeping and they can be done online

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