The Uk releases a new campaign on obesity

This is an anti-obesity campaign as about 641 million people are obese worldwide. Brazil is one of the hardest hit countries but it also has one of the highest populations who are obese with 40 million people being obese. Brazil is a poor country with many people on welfare and as such they cannot afford the basic fruits and vegetables.

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I found out about this campaign through an Instagram friend of mine. And then I did a bit of research and it turns out that it was started by Boris Johnston after his scare with Coronavirus. He needed to lose a bit of weight.

People who are obese have a higher risk of getting the Coronavirus. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs, liver and every organ in the body. When you’re obese you cannot breathe well.

The Better Health Campaign will ban all ads on Junk food before 9pm. It also ends some of the buy one get one free deals on junk food

Does Australia need to follow all of this “anti obesity” campaign?

The answer is no. We should be able to enjoy food when we want to. But however I would say this, the ads for junk food should be banned throughout the day. As for the buy one get free one free campaigns I think we can be disciplined to just share the food with others. We are known for sharing food with other people.

Moreover we need more access to fresh fruit and veg especially for those that are on welfare.

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