Why GI levels matter

GI levels matter for one reason and that is the rate in which is your food is broken down into enzymes in the digestive system. It matters a lot more if you have type 2 diabetes.

It also matters if you are trying to lose weight. The Westernised diet is full of processed foods.

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High GI foods vs Low GI foods

High GI foods are quick to digest and you’ll end up hungry after a couple hours later. You’ll end up with that sugar crash. Low GI foods are slower in digestion meaning that you will feel fuller for longer.

Which foods have HI Gi and which foods have Low Gi

High GI are some fruits, some vegetables and most processed foods. low GI foods are your bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, tomatoes, green tea, milk, brown rice.

How do I make the switch to a low GI diet?

First of all portions matter. Some people need smaller portions (i.e losing weight). Your plate should be half of vegetables, one quarter of it protein and the one quarter of it carbohydrates.

Also what you put on the plate matters. Try to mix it up with some high GI foods

Choose wholegrain foods instead of white foods- ie: wholegrain pasta and wholegrain bread. Swapping white rice for brown rice is a great idea at dinner time.

Get rid of the soft drinks. Instead, we should drink more milk and water as they are low in GI. Green tea is also good for you too and they have antioxidants

Instead of the sugary treats we should replace it with dairy as they are low in GI which will keep you fuller for longer.

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