Week 7 of frugal living

Today I had pulled pork and pasta for dinner. The pulled pork was leftover and the pasta was from in my pantry. I realised that the abattoirs will be affected a lot by this Coronavirus outbreaks and a lot of the meat will be very expensive and in short supply. So we are trying to use everything that’s in our fridge and pantry.

I had the pork belly from our fridge the other day and it was really good. And then tonight we had hamburgers and the mince cost us $11. But the lettuce was from our fridge.

We also used up the turkey that we bought at Costco a little while ago. Used it for three meals. We had roast turkey the other night and then turkey with spaghetti and a turkey sandwich with homegrown rocket and avocado.

Also we had a lot of mandarins on our fruit tree and with some of the ones that we picked we made fruit jam. It was yummy. Normally jam costs about $6-$7 in the supermarket.

We’ve been making our own bread which tastes so much fresher than the bread you buy outside.

Yesterday we made our own biscuits and they were so yummy. They don’t have any added sugar in them which is great.

Ordered online at Chemist Warehouse and I got free protein powder which is awesome.

I was gifted some Hilbilby Apple Cider Vinegar. Will blog about this soon.

This weeks spending:

  • Optus- $10
  • Chemist Warehouse- $17
  • 7/11- $3.80
  • The Happy Apple- $15

Total: $45.80

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