What to cook in August

In August it is winter so I am thinking about some comfort food that doesn’t use a lot of meat since we are in Coronavirus times with some restrictions on meat abbatoirs. With these restrictions it means that there might be a meat shortage.

Spinach lasagna

We use the Lattina Fresh sheets that you can buy at Coles and Woolworths. Here you do this the same way as the meat lasagna but there would be less cooking time.

Video by Leena Haddad


Spanakopita is the Greek spinach pie. Here you need filo, feta cheese and spinach.

Video by Dimitra’s dishes

Oats with Chia seeds for breakfast

I use the Uncle Tobys quick oats and you can microwave them for 1 min and 20 seconds. Before you microwave them you need to add milk for that creamy texture. At the end you add your chia seeds.

Making our own bread

With all the time at home we have been making our own bread. It tastes so much better and its cheaper.

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