How to dispose of masks properly

Ever since the mask law was mandated here in Melbourne, people are just dumping them all over the place in the park and elsewhere. They are meant to be single-use masks but they should be disposed of properly.

Why is it bad and illegal to dump them all over the ground like this?

It is bad for both the environment and humans for the mask to be dumped like that. A human could step on it and come into contact with it and then there is 50% chance of them getting the virus. Moreover particles from the mask goes into the air making it likely for people to catch the virus.

It is bad for the environment because many birds, wildlife and sea animals think that its food and then they choke on it and they starve to death. Our wildlife is almost in extinction and this is one way to increase that risk.

There should be really hefty fines for people that do that sort of thing, higher than the littering fine.

How to dispose of them?

In the park, there are many bins. Around the bin area, many councils offer dog poo bags. You can use these dog poo bags to put your mask in and then you need to tie it tightly so that germs do not escape. And then you dump it in the bins provided.

Otherwise when you are at the supermarket you should take more plastic bags at the produce section and remember to take them with you everywhere you go. It’s the same as before.

If you are at home follow all of the above and dump your mask into the general waste bin.

If you can’t be bothered to throw it out each time, then why not invest in a fabric mask. It is much better in terms of comfort and then you just need to wash it each time. You can machine wash them with your clothes

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